Little Feat & Tiny Feat Information

Coordinator: Brendan Cox click here

Little Feat Registration
When: Online - Click registration above
Time: anytime, before May 10th

Little Feat will be held

  • Starts June 1
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm
  • Tiny Feat 3 year olds start June 1st on Tuesdays only for 4 weeks 6-6:45pm
  • Tiny Feat 4 year olds start June 3rd on Thursdays only for 4 weeks 6-6:45pm

Location: Soccer Complex, Rotary Field
Fee: $65.00 (Tiny Feat $25.00)

Volunteer Coaches are needed.
Call or email Brendan if you are interested.

Q: When does Little Feat soccer start?
A: This program usually starts in June, the week after the Faribault School District is out for the Summer and runs for about 6 weeks total.

Q: What time/days is Little Feat soccer held?
A: It is held in the evenings, 2 nights per week, No weekends.
Days: either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
Time: starting about 6:00 to 7:00
This is Dependant on the number of participants.

Q: Do I have to travel anywhere for Little Feat soccer?
A: This program is held right in Faribault and so no travel out of town is required.

Q: Where is Little Feat soccer played?
A: Soccer Complex.

Q: What if my child has never played soccer before; can he/she join the sandlot program?
A: Yes, there are usually a good number of beginning soccer players in Little Feat soccer.

Q: What ages is the Little Feat program designed for?
A: 5 to 8 year olds

Q: What skills will my child learn in Little Feat soccer?
A: Basic skills are taught including dribbling, scoring, defense, offense, and throw-ins.

Q: Will my child be on the same team as his/her friends?
A: All kids will be randomly placed on a team according to his/her age. Ages 5 & 6 are divided into teams and ages 7 & 8 are divided into teams.

Q: What if my child has a special need, can he/she play sandlot soccer?
A: When you sign your child up for soccer, if he/she has a special need that requires special assistance, you must fill out a form stating what that need or assistance is and expect, as a parent, to help find the needed assistance for your child. (ie. If my child is hearing impaired parents will be expected to help find resources if a sign language interpreter is needed. ie If my child is non-English speaking parents will be expected to help find resources for interpreting if that's what is needed.

Q How can I as a parent help with Little Feat soccer?
A: Parent volunteers are a big reason this program is successful. We need parents to help coach, tidy up fields before and after practice, fund raise as needed, coordinate Little Feat program, coordinate specific age groups, special events. Any time and help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Q: Do I need to be an experienced soccer player or coach to help coach my child's team?
A: No, a coaches training program is available and there are other resources available to help you. A willingness to learn is certainly helpful as well.

Q: When can we sign up?
A: Check the dates on the website.

Q: What do the kids need for soccer?
A: Participants are required to have shin guards and shoes WITHOUT spikes. Socks should be long enough to go over the entire shin guard. Great attitude!

Q: When do we have to be signed up by?
A: Registration will close approximately 4 weeks before practice starts.

Q: Are there boys teams and girls only teams?
A: Teams are co-ed.

What does registration include?
A: In the past registration has included: Soccer ball (bring to each practice) and a team T-shirt