Sunday February 28, 2021 FSA Meeting Minutes

Members Present – Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Nick Voit, Bill Favro, Rany Ben, Keith Kramer

Others Present – Brendan Cox

Members Absent – Jason Johannsen, Jen Rech

Meeting called to order at 7:00PM

Approval of agenda – 1st Shelly, 2nd Bill

Approval of December 13 Minutes – 1st Mike, 2nd Shelly

Unfinished business

                Need to follow up with a field person for lining and set up                            

                Web position filled with Bill Favro

                Open board seat – Need to find a new person to fill opening

Deaf interpreter – Will do what we can to help

Discussion on corporate sponsorships

Team formations

Other – Coerver week long camp in Faribault.  Bill will provide more information at the next meeting

                Rotary donation

Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM

Next meeting in April 11th, 2021 Washington Rec Center 7PM

Sunday April 11, 2021 FSA Meeting Minutes

Members Present – Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Nick Voit, Bill Favro, Jen Rech, Rany Ben, Jason Johannsen, Keith Kramer

Others Present – Krista Cox, Brendan Cox, Mitch Anderson

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by Nick

Approval of Agenda – 1st Shelly, 2nd Mike

Approval of February 28, 2021 minutes – 1st Bill, 2nd Shelly

Community comment – Team formation, more succinct communication from board

Open secretary position filled by Mike – Motion by Jason, 2nd by Nick

Unfinished business

Field maintenance – Mike and Nick have lined the U11/U12 field with the help Troy Temple.         Work needs to continue on the remaining fields

Conversation on a deaf interpreter continued.  Bill mentioned Top Soccer as an option.  Nick will                reach out to surrounding clubs that use program as an option

Still have an open board seat

Coerver camp Bill will be checking to see if any dates are still available

New Business

Discussion on using Team Reach as much as possible for team communications

Girls U11 Rec Team fee structure.  Decided to charge $50 to help cover costs of uniforms and refs.  Anything above that the Association will cover

Discussion on opening registration earlier and closing earlier.  Possible fee structure based on when you register

Outreach discussed.  How do we get our information to the public during the pandemic?

Update on fields and refs.  All games assigned in MYSA.  Multiple options for refs this year and will be assigning refs to games soon.

Post Prom donation of $100.  Motion by Mike 2nd by Shelly

Companion fund under FSA for scholarships and uniforms.  This will be funded by donations.  Motion by Mike 2nd by Shelly

Social media platforms to begin using – FB and Instagram seemed like logical platforms.  Need further discussions about who would manage this.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57PM motion by Jason 2nd by Bill

Future meetings

May 2nd 7PM at Complex

June 13th 7PM at Complex

August 1st Annual Meeting 6PM at Complex.  Election of new offices and kick to registration.

Faribault Soccer Association

June 13, 2021 Meeting

Attended:  Nick, Shelly, Bill, Keith, Brenden Cox

Absent:  Mike, Jen, Reny and Jason

1. Meeting called to order and approved April meetings

2. Registrar Transition plan for Jen for the Shattuck camp and K-5 Soccer for Fall…provided detailed instructions on how to register players, MYSA etc

3. Field Maintenance:

Nick questioned the mowing schedule

HSchool had it approved at one point that the Bahl Field would be filled with black dirt, aerated and rolled…BC would follow up

4. Social Media discussion: hoping to find a non-board member …Keith will recruit

5. Deaf Interpreter discussion is about $1500 year, need to find out the legal guidance and maybe involve Brian Daniels

6. Fundraiser thru gear website or Star Trophy, neither were ready

7. Good dates for check-ins on pipeline for 2022 coaches

a. Survey to parents

b. Commitment level

c. Coaches are tough to find

d. Pay more or more tournament teams?  Would need to raise fees

e. Clarity of players

8. Registration windows discussed

9. Lakeville Tournament discussion to make sure player passes created and sent to coaches

10. Demosphere vm Sports Ngine at the $300 level…includes apps, calendar and find out if migrate to MYSA

11. Also discussion on combining with Northfield Assoc for teams

Sunday September 12, 2021 FSA Meeting Minutes

Member Present- Shelly Prieve, Nick Voit, Keith Kramer, Bill Favro, Jason Johannsen and Mike Ross

Members Absent – Rany Ben

Meeting called to order at 7PM

Approval of Agenda – 1st Nick 2nd Shelly

Reports – Financials reported by Keith and currently showing a loss for the year

New Business

Discussion on the continuation of the current web provider, Demosphere, or changing to Sport Ngine or Sports Connect.  Bill had already laid the ground work with Sport Ngine so the decision was made to go with them.  Motion by Mike and 2nd by Shelly to change providers

Season recap – 2 Teams had good showings at the State Tournament.  Rec Plus Team went better than anticipated and all players seemed happy with the program

Referee assignor update – 38 home games and all were fully covered except one game which was short one ref.  There were 8-9 refs that participated this season

New Board members – Names were generated to contact and an email could possibly be going out to the larger Association for open seats.  It is imperative to have new members step in with younger children to help continue the board and programming.  Need to fill the Registrar position.

Discussion on changing the bylaws was had.  This will be an ongoing discussion

Next meeting the DoC review will be completed

In 2022 the Association will try a U9/U10 Academy style program instead of travelling.  The Board will need to have discussions with someone to run this program.

Coaches for 2022.  Nick will engage in monthly conversation with the DoC about coaches.  We need to have enough coaches for the teams that we had in 2021 secured before the 2022.  Discussion on qualified coaches and paying coaches.  Paying coaches would increase costs for the program.

Discussion on the New Southern Minnesota League was had.  Cam Stoltz will be invited to the October meeting to discuss in more detail

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM – Motion by Mike, 2nd Jason

Next Monday October 10, 2021 7PM at Washington