Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday February 10, 2019

In attendance:  Andrea Bauer, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Mike Ross, Troy Temple, Nick Voit, Brendan Cox, Joe Schleis, Bill Favro, Mitch Anderson

Reports:  Bill from City $7,850.81

New Business

MN United FC:  Bill Favro proposed the Association offer another United FC night out.  He will set the date up with his Rep. and we will get details out soon

Fundraiser Opportunity:  Bill Favro brought information on a fundraising opportunity for us to consider.  It would be Soccer Scarves, specifically designed for the Falcons/Association.  No decision was made tonight, we will discuss further next month.

MYSA Symposium:  Five coaches had the opportunity to attend this, and everyone felt the experience was well worth the time and money.  Brendan suggested we consider having this opportunity given to all the coaches in the future.  We will continue discussions on ways to implement this into our program for more of the coaches.

Registration:  Discussed the start of forming teams.  Some teams are set, while others need a little more time to finalize.  Brendan and Jim will continue to work on filling a couple coaching positions as well.

Next meeting March 3, 2019 at the Washington Rec Center


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday March 3rd, 2019

In attendance:  Andrea Bauer, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Troy Temple, Nick Voit, Brendan Cox, Kira Anderson

Reports:  Acct currently at $55,000, this is due to registration and will go back down soon.

New Business

Uniform Try On:  Another date scheduled for March 10th from 1-3.  Great turn out at first date, and went smoothly.

Coaches/Teams:  It was determined the coaches meeting needs to be held earlier next year, ideally early January.

Registration:  In order for the registration process to be completed in a timely manner, the board would like to see evaluations done at the end of the season.


MNUFC Scarf Fundraiser, board voted 7-0 to not move forward with this.  Board is not comfortable investing money to make money.

Brendan Coaching, board voted 7-0 in favor of Brendan coaching for this year.

Coach Pay, board voted 7-0 in favor of compensating experienced outside coaches if needed.

Next meeting April 28th 2019 at the Washington Rec Center


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday April 28, 2019

In attendance:  Mike Ross, Andrea Bauer, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Troy Temple, Nick Voit, Brendan Cox, Bill Favro

New Business

Festival:  Due to low registration, board will determine whether or not to hold the tournament this year as scheduled. 

Teams:  Teams are trying on shorts/uniforms and working with Shelly to get correct sizes.

Policy Review:  Board reviewed policies and made appropriate changes needed to be up to date and current.

Team Pictures:  Each team is responsible for setting up their own pics with whoever they would like.


 Motion made by Andrea V, Second by Jim to cancel Festival and move the date to the third weekend in May for next year.  Passes 7-0

Motion made by Troy, Second by Nick to hold set evaluation dates in July.  Passes 7-0.  Mike will set dates with Brendan.

Next meeting June 23, 2019 at the Soccer Complex (postponed to July 7th)


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday July 7th, 2019

In attendance:  Mike Ross, Doug Zahn, Joe Schleis, Andrea Bauer, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg, Jim Johnson, Troy Temple, Nick Voit. Non board members, Brendan, and Jason

New Business

Reports:  Received Grant money from MYSA in the amount of $3,015.  Board will discuss how to best utilize those funds.    

Policy Review:  Policies will be discussed at July 28th meeting.

Evaluations:  Brendan has a software program to assist in evaluations.  A report will be sent to coaches so they can see, and be part of the process.  Evaluations will be done at least twice a year, beginning and end of season.  Dates for end of year evaluations are to be determined.

Coaches Update:  Brendan would like to discuss ideas on how to get more coaches to utilize him, and open the lines of communication with more of the coaches.   

2020 Assignments:  There will be a need for a Ref Assignor, Field Assignor, Uniform Coordinator, and a Site Coordinator.  The board discussed recruiting a team of people to help fill these roles, whether they are actual board members or not. 

Registration:  Considering opening registration in the fall and closing in January.  We hope this will help alleviate time constraints on identifying teams, coaches, etc.    

Next meeting July 28th, 2019, 7pm, at the Soccer Complex


Soccer Association Board Meeting September 29, 2019

Members present: Mike Ross, Jim Johnson, Shelly Prieve, Troy Temple, Doug Zahn, Andrea Bauer and Nick Voit

Facility report: Cell tower may be going on the Soccer Complex NE side of the Warren/Carlander Fields.  Compensation is being discussed by the City and School District with the cell company.  Field surface conditions on Bahl Field are also being looked at by the Soccer Complex Board.  The Soccer Complex Board consists of 5 members.  2 City (1 admin, 1 council member), 2 School District (1 admin, 1 Board Member), 1 Soccer Association Member

Policy update:  The revised policy was approved by email on August 22, 2019

New Business:

Registration will open December 2019 and close February 1, 2020

Coaching reimbursements

Director of Coaching evaluation


Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday December 8th, 2019

In attendance:  Andrea V, Shelly, Nick, Keith, Jason, Rany, and Bill Favro.

New Business

Board Positions: Motion by Andrea, Second by Shelly to approve Mike as President, Nick as VP, and Keith as Treasurer.

Open Position: Secretary Position for 2020, Andrea V is stepping down from that current role.

Other Positions:  Field Maintenance, All were in favor of approving Chris Bauer for this role.

Taxes:  Current taxes for 2019 have been filed and are available to be reviewed by request.

Meeting Dates:  Continue with first Sunday of each month, at 7pm, location tbd.

United FC:  Bill will work with the United Club to offer our families another opportunity to purchase tickets to a Loon game.  We appreciate Bill doing this for the past four years, it is a great opportunity for the kids in our community!

Next meeting January 5, 7pm at the Crooked Pint.