Soccer Association Board Meeting Sunday January 31, 2016

In attendance:  Mike Ross, Troy Temple, Shelly Prieve, Andrea Vogelsberg

Brendon Cox presented to us the idea of MN United FC invited Faribault to attend a Thunder Game.  We would sell tickets, and depending on the amount could get perks from the sales.  The mascot could possibly make an appearance at our Home Tournament on May 7th, and there is the opportunity to receive a 2 hour mini day camp experience.  Not sure of a deadline, but should know more soon.

Registration Update:

One special request of an 8 year old boy to play up.  It will be allowed if room on teams.  Also, there was a request from the U10 boys to form a Gold team, this was discussed and denied due to the new rules.

Registration will not close on the 7th, we will keep it open a little longer since teams will not be formed until the end of February.

Coaches confirmed: Johnsons, Potter/Holmberg, Roosmalen, and Ross.

Online Clothing:  Andrea Vogelsberg is willing to work on this if the group votes to do it again this year.  Not enough members present to vote on tonight.


Next meeting February 21st, 2016 at the Washington Rec Center 7pm.


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, February 21, 2016

Meeting held at Washington Rec Center

Members Present:  Andrea Bauer,  Jason Engbrecht, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Joe Schleis, Troy Temple and Andrea Vogelsberg

Members Not Present:  Steve Kletschka and Doug Zahn

Guest:  Brendan Cox  -  FHS Boys Soccer Coach

Call to order:  7:07 pm

Recorder’s Report
November 1, 2015, minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report
Operating Account – Concessions receipts “+” $ 2,737.00  /  general account $ 800.00 ahead last year

New Business

Team Review – Registration Update
U-11 age group and older – the association will pay fees for each team to participate in two tournaments and district / state competition.
There will be four girl’s teams:  U-11, U-12, U-14 and U-17.
The boys will field ten teams:  U-9 (2), U-10 (3), U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14 and U-17.

Coaching Assignments
Girls  -  U-11     Chris Bauer / Mark Umbreit
U-12     Jason Johanssen  /  Mike Ross
U-14     Jennifer David
U-17     Matt Roosmalen

Boys  -  U-9         not assigned                 *** Need two U-9 coaches, one U-10, U-12 and U-14 coach ***
U-9         not assigned
U-10      not assigned
U-10      Jim Johnson
U-10      Steve Potter

          ***  U-10 players will be run through a skills assessment on March 20th to provide equal talent on each team
U-11      Kevin Morrow
U-12      not assigned  /  manager Dan Schonebaum
U-13      Jonna Suifka  /  Mark Umbreit
U-14      not assigned
U-17      Don Benson  /  Steve Kletschka

Coaches Meeting
March 6th at 7:00  -  Washington Rec Center
FHS coaches Brendan Cox and Maddie Justin invited to attend

Soccer Festival  -  May 7th
Ages U-9, U-10, U-11 and U-12
Suvenires are being put together

On-Line Clothing Store
Will be on line son with several ítems to choose from

Old Business
Fencing of Carlander Fields
Ongoing discussion

Eagle Scout Project
Stuart Johnson’s project had great promise, but a date to hold the event couldn’t be secured

GOALS  -  Global Outreach and Love of Soccer
One 20 pound box of used soccer supplies (balls, ball bag, shin guards, referee shirts and shoes) collected at the complex last summer / fall was shipped for use in Haiti.

Upcoming Meetings /  Deadlines
March 6th  -  Coaches Meeting at Washington Rec Center at 7:00
March 20th  -  Uniform Issue and Team Meetings at Elks Lodge from 1:00 to 4:00
April 1st  -  Board Meeting at Washington Rec Center at 7:00
May 1st  -  Board Meeting at Soccer Complex at 7:00
May 7th  -  Faribault Soccer Festival
June 26th  -  Board Meeting at Soccer Complex at 7:00

Meeting Adjourned:  8:39

Respectfully submitted by Joe Schleis

Faribault Soccer Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Meeting held at Soccer Complex

Members Present:  Andrea Bauer, Steve Kletschka, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Joe Schleis

Members Not Present:  Jason Engbrecht, Troy Temple, Andrea Vogelsberg, Doug Zahn

Call to order:  7:05

New Business

  1.  U-17 Boys Soccer Team   -   Mike Ross

Nine (9) scholarships awarded

Discussion:  FSA will pay for one (1), instead of two (2), tournaments and District & State fees


Motion to reduce U-17 Boys to one (1) FSA funded tournament APPROVED unanimously 

  1. U-11 Boys  -  Parent Request   -   Mike Ross

A parent has come forward and requested to create own clothing line, using FSA logo


Motion to DENY this request was unanimous

  1. Rosters Closed   -   Mike Ross

As of March 31st, all rosters for the summer of 2016 are set.  Registration is closed.

  1. Soccer Festival Update   -   Andrea Bauer

Two (2) teams currently registered

  1. U-14 Boys Coaches   -   Mike Ross

Three volunteers came forward:Rick Jeanes

                                                                    Maddie Justin

                                                                    Dale Kittleson

Next Meeting:  Sunday, May 1st, 7:00 pm, at the Soccer Complex

Meeting Adjourned:  7:27

Future Meetings / Deadlines

May 7   -   Faribault Soccer Festival

June 26   -   Board Meeting, 7:00 pm, at the Soccer Complex

Respectfully submitted by Joe Schleis


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, May 1st, 2016
Meeting held at Soccer Complex

Members Present:  Andrea Bauer, Steve Kletschka, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Joe Schleis, Troy Temple, Andrea Vogelsberg                 

Members Not Present:  Jason Engbrecht,  Doug Zahn

Guest:  Ms. Lori Schleis

Call to order:  7:03

Meeting Minutes:     April 3rd, 2016  -   APPROVED

Reports:     Operating Account  -  $30,000.00 (includes estimated payments)

New Business

  1. U-10B Team Formation  -  Mike Ross
  •  Majority of the boys skills were observed
  • Discussed try-outs for next year as U-11 players
  1. Coaching Re-Imbursement  -  Mike Ross
  • Discussion about baseball / basketball as paid positions + mileage
  • Pay coaches without children in the program  -  mileage
  • Pay coaches (up to two) with children in the program  -  half off fees
  1. Soccer Festival Update  -  Andrea Bauer
  • 23 teams registered
  • No U-12B or U-12G registered for the festival
  1. Soccer Festival  -  Concessions  -  Lori Schleis
  • Would like 8 volunteers  /  1 runner
  • 50 / 50 Raffle ( $ 1.00 each  /  $ 5.00 for 8)
  • Restroom / tables & chairs / small zip-ties  -  Joe
  1. Referee & Field Coordinator Update  -  Joe Schleis
  • Four referees committed  /  need 8 to cover assignments
  1. On-Line Clothing Store  -  Andrea Bauer
  • Items in this week (34 purchased)
  • Association contribution - $ 68.00
  1. MYSA  -  Shelly Prieve
  • Association is experiencing multiple software problems
  • Some of our teams will be without passes

Old Business

  1. Fencing of Carlander Field  -  Troy Temple
  • Estimated cost  -  $ 50,000.00
  • Continue on agenda for future construction
  1. Registration Platform Updating  -  Mike Ross
  • DEMOSPHERE is available after the summer season

Next Meeting:  Sunday, June 26, 2016, 7:00 pm, at the Soccer Complex

Meeting Adjourned:  7:49
Respectfully submitted by Joe Schleis


Faribault Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, June 26th, 2016
Meeting held at Soccer Complex

Members Present:  Andrea Bauer, Steve Kletschka, Shelly Prieve, Mike Ross, Joe Schleis,

                                    Troy Temple, Andrea Vogelsberg, Doug Zahn                          

Members Not Present:  Jason Engbrecht

Guest:  FHS Boys Soccer Coach – Brendan Cox

Call to order:  7:03

Meeting Minutes:     May 1st, 2016  -   APPROVED

Reports:     Operating Account  -  end of June at $ 53,154.00

New Business

  1. Director of Coaching  -  Coach Cox
  • Discussed if there is a need for a paid position with the FSA to provide training / instruction for our coaches
  • There is a need for technical training for our coaches (Beast Mode & Coerver System could be modified for our coaches)
  • Standards for coaching would be developed
  • Players at all levels will have similar training
  • Look for former players as coaches
  • Consider U-9 / U-10 players play “In-House” Academy  -  enter these players in the                 FSA Festival, Jesse James Day Tournament & MYSA State Jamboree

Motion to approve, and seconded, the position of Director of Coaching as described by Coach Cox.

VOTE:  8 Aye, 0 Nay  -  Coach Cox awarded this position

  1. Jennie-O-Turkey  -  Mike Ross
  • This business has requested help in distributing soccer balls at their employee picnic on August 20th from 12:00 – 4:00 pm.
  • Further information about this event is requested by the board
  1. Soccer Festival Update  -  Andrea Bauer
  • Continued positive feedback from teams and spectators
  • No 50 / 50 Raffle this year
  • Eight referees covered the 31 games
  • Concessions had proceeds of $ 1,230.00
  1. Team Updates  -  Mike Ross
  • U-11B requesting second tournament  -  too late in season to locate tournament
  • U-12B parents showed concern that this team hasn’t played in a tournament  -  team didn’t request to play in one
  • U-14G don’t want to participate in State Qualifier  -  team is signed-up to play / this will cost the association a $ 200.00 fine from the MYSA
  1. Referee & Field Coordinator Update  -  Joe Schleis
  • Incident shortly after the completion of game # 7100 (U-14B) that was played on June 22nd:  AR-1, A ref received two messages on her phone from a U-14B player.  One message included profanity directed at the ref and the second included profanity directed at another referee.  The language used in these messages would have been more than adequate to warrant the issuing of a Red Card “send-off” for Insulting or Abusive Language.  A two-game suspension would follow.  The State Referee Committee saw this act as a serious invasion of personal space and recommended discipline is issued.  Discussion took place amongst the board members.

Motion by D. Zahn to suspend this 14 year old boy for two (2) games/seconded byS. Kletschka.

VOTE:  8 Aye, 0 Nay  -  this player will be suspended from the U-14B’s next two games

  • FSA hosted 25 games in May, 32 games (so far) in June and 16 remaining for a total of

73 home games for 2016

  • 10 referees have been utilized to cover the home games
  • Through the first 57 games, 5 referees have worked at least 16 games / 1 referee has   worked 30
  1. Uniforms  -  Shelly Prieve
  • Question  -  is there a vendor that doesn’t cycle uniforms?
  • Discussion about various vendors
  • Looking for vendor that doesn’t cycle uniforms
  1. FSA Board Member Elections  -  Mike Ross
  • 2016 terms up for re-election:  Joe Schleis, Troy Temple & Doug Zahn
  • All three of these members are going to run for re-election
  • Members Ross, Kletschka, Zahn, Prieve, Bauer & Vogelsberg are committed to complete their terms
  • Concessions Coordinator, Lori Schleis, will continue on through the end of the high school season, at which time she will step down from her duties  /  the Concessions checking account will be closed and future purchases will be made through the general account
  •  Two volunteers from our extended soccer family, Jason Johannsen and Jim Johnson, have both shown interest in serving on the board or in some other capacity to serve the association
  1. Registration Platform  -  Shelly Prieve
  • Demosphere, which becomes available after the summer season, will see upgrades installed
  1. Fall Soccer  -  Mike Ross
  • In-House, fall soccer, will be organized and staffed by Shattuck-St. Mary’s personnel
  1. Little Feat & Tiny Feat  -  Coach Cox
  • 234 players participated in these programs this summer
  • 62 Tiny Feat and 172 Little Feat participants
  • Next year  -  would like to see more space made available to this program

Old Business

  1. Future Construction  -  Troy Temple
  • Carlander field fencing  -  estimated cost  -  $ 50,000.00
  • Rotary field entrance
  • Both continue on agenda for future construction

Next Meeting:  Sunday, November 6, 2016, at the Washington Rec Center

                             **  Required yearly meeting  /  Election of 3 Board Members will be on the agenda  **

Meeting Adjourned:  8:26

November 6, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7pm by Mike Ross

Approval of last meeting minutes

                1st Troy

                2nd Andrea V

Operating account – Doug

Election of Board Members

                Troy Temple – Doug Zahn – Joe Schleis

                1st Andrea V

                2nd Doug

Appointment of officers

                President – Mike

                VP – Steve

                Treasurer – Doug

                Recorder – Andrea V

                Registrar – Shelly

                Ref/Field Coordinator – Open

                Tournament director – Andrea B

                1st Shelly

                2nd Troy

Approval of 2017 Festival on May 6th, 2017           

                1st Troy

                2nd Andrea V

Coaching development opportunities were presented by Brendan Cox and Matt Roosemalen

                Suggestion to make U9/U10 a tournament only level where they work on fundamentals during                the week.  Board very interested in this discussion but too late in the year to make a decision.          Something to look into for next Season.  Same suggestion with older levels – U17

                Beast Mode camp discussion.  Looking at June date.  Need at least 50 kids for camp.  Cost is        $250 per player.  Concerns on cost but the board will back the camp and advertise

                Other discussion on asking Shattuck to hold a camp for older age levels

                Looking at renting space for March/April to hold clinics.  Looking at Armory and Washington.       Brendan to provide dates.

Implementing new player and parent code of conducts.  Coaches will be responsible for having one on file for all players and parents.

Late registration fee will be implemented this year and will be $25

Discussion on having Bashers do concessions at our tournament this year.  Need an contractual agreement with them